Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets/Money)

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Jan 03, 2023
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Bonbon Cakery is a highly rated bakery simulation game. Cake enthusiasts can serve customers their delicious recipes. This game has sponge cake, toppings, special ingredients, and modern equipment to make mouth-watering sweets. Moreover, Players receive food ratings from in-game chef characters.

If you ever want to run a pastry shop, Bonbon Cakery will make your dream come true. You can develop new dessert recipes by mixing different ingredients. You can make delicious cakes, puddings, pastries, sweets, etc. Sell your products and earn money in the game.

As a bakery owner, you must hire employees to accelerate productivity and attract more customers. With this, you can sell your sweets even while sleeping. After you set the location, time, and product, your employees will complete delivery and run the shop as ordered.

Do you think you have got the best cake recipes? Then, participate in grand competitions to compete against chefs from all around the world. Judges will rate your recipe based on perfection and originality. Get ready to make cakes, pies, and yummy baked sweets with your impressive skills.

Despite having pixel art graphics, Bonbon Cakery is one of the highest-rated simulation games. You will love this pastry shop management game if you have ever played restaurant games like Cooking Fever. Showcase your culinary skills to attract pedestrians to eat at your shop.

Manage the ratio of sweets, texture, calories, taste, and aroma to make the world’s best cake. Use blueberries, custard, choco extract, syrup, almonds, etc. as toppings. A sweet and perfect combination will fetch you more points. Customers satisfied with your shop’s sweets spend even more money.

You can hire, train, remove, and promote employees according to their activity in Bonbon Cakery. Customers get bored after eating the same baked sweets for a long time. So, make sure that your employees keep adding new sweets from time to time. Otherwise, your shop will have to face the loss of customers.

About Bonbon Cakery MOD APK

Bonbon Cakery Mod Apk is a simulation game for cake enthusiasts. It gives you unlimited money, tickets, recipe cheats, and other paid features for free. Players can run a bakery shop and serve mouth-watering sweets to their customers. You have to hire, train, and promote employees like in real life. The more customers like your new recipe, the more they will spend.

There are in-game tips, hints, and guides to help you do well in the game. However, you have to earn money by running the shop yourself. The pastry shop in the game is open from eight in the morning to midnight. Meanwhile, you will have to earn money by attracting more and more customers.

Maintaining a stock of sweets is a difficult task. If customers find the stock empty, it can leave a negative impression on the goodwill of the shop. You will need more staff to maintain the stock and handle the customers. For this, you have to make a lot of profit.

Every time you create a new dessert, the sampling process begins. From young to old, male to female, everyone tastes and rates your dessert. It is estimated through ratings whether this new item will capture the market or not. However, trends and weather play an important role in this.

Bonbon Cakery game features

Cake lovers can now experience the life of shop owners with Bonbon Cakery APK. The main tasks of this game are to invent new sweets, satisfy the customers, beat the rivals, and employ people. The game features engaging character reactions, animations, and sounds along with attractive graphics.

Grand baking competition

In addition to running a cake shop, you can participate in grand competitions. In Bonbon Cakery Mod Apk, the characters of the chief judge will taste the cuisines of all the constants. Then they will give them marks based on completeness and originality. The contestant with the highest score will win the grand competition.

As a bakery shop owner, there is a great opportunity for you to promote your cuisine through these tournaments. You will get more customers and employees to expand your cake business. As soon as your recipe becomes world famous, a large crowd of customers will be in your shop. It is a great opportunity to beat your rivals.


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