My Pig Princess MOD APK v0.6.0 Latest Version (Ch. 2)

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Novvember 01, 2023
1.9 GB
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My Pig Princess MOD APK is a visual novel RPG game about an adventure town. Apart from you, all the creatures living here are animals. You are a human being who works hard as a farmer to survive. Summers have just started and my back is already full of pain due to the workload.

It usually takes a few more months of hard work for your body to repair the damaged crops. Maybe after years of working in these areas, you are finally becoming successful. For as long as you can remember, you have worked as a farmer and although it is hard work, it also has its rewards. You can always have a quick breakfast.

About My Pig Princess MOD APK

The tree on the hill is the only tree that still stands proudly on your small piece of land. All the others were cut down for firewood or to make room for more farms some summer before you came here. The big rock below has been your favorite spot for some time. There is always a cool breeze and plenty of shade.

Gameplay of My Pig Princess APK

The city’s great palace is Hog Heaven, where most of your goods are sold. Many farmers like you come here for work. Pigs have big appetites and like to buy in large quantities as these farms produce some good vegetables. Tired of the same old farming work, you decide to take some rest.

One of the pig guards of the castle visits your farm. He has come here by royal order because there are some things you need to clarify. You decide to go with the royal guard, Billy. As you follow him, he pays more attention to flowers and butterflies. Billy’s carefree attitude coupled with the pleasant weather makes you feel at ease.

Download My Pig Princess MOD APK Latest Version (Ch. 2)?

NameMy Pig Princess
Size1.9 GB

The latest version of My Pig Princess offers players a fantastic visual novel gaming experience. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. With a size of 1.9 GB, it offers amazing gaming content. We recommend players download the original game instead of playing the mod version.


  • The unique game concept fills you with immense interest and curiosity. The village is full of animals, most of which are pigs. Even the princess is a pig. Among them, you are the only human being who will deal with all the upcoming challenges.
  • You play as a farmer cultivating delicious vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers. Pigs love to eat your vegetables every day. It will be a spectacular sight when you come face to face with the royal guards.

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