Tales of Onyx MOD APK Latest Version (Android/Port)

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Charos Villacho
Dec 22, 2023
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Tales of Onyx MOD APK is an adventurous game based on the story of Onyx, the God of creation. He lays the foundation for the origin of life by creating a new universe. But among the countless planets and stars present in the infinite universe, some special planets become dear to him.

But there is also Opal, the god of destruction, with his cunning intentions. He always wants to disturb the balance of the universe and harm the life on the planets. For this, he also adopted many types of handcuffs. Onyx created powerful Celestial Bodies to stop Opal.

About Tales of Onyx MOD APK

Tales of Onyx MOD APK is an adventure game with love, destruction, and responsibility elements. It has been ported to Android and offers premium features. Explore the journey of the Trio of Guardians to repel the methodical attacks of Opal. All the countless Guardians lose the battle against the God of Destruction.

After forcing the Guardians to disappear for centuries, Opal wreaks havoc on the planets. You have a great responsibility to restore the balance of the universes. Everyone’s future depends on your choice, which itself hangs between good and evil for a long time.

Earn friendship, family, and other points with other characters to learn something new and deep in the latest version of Tales of Onyx. Your strong bond with everyone and a burning motive to restore the universe will lead to a great victory. Luckily, you’ve got some husbands to join you on the journey.

Tales of Onyx APK v2.7 Latest

Similar to the RPG Seeds of Chaos, Tales of Onyx MOD APK’s latest version presents a unique story. Countless guardians with great responsibilities in the universe appear to fight the Lord of Destruction. A fierce war ensues between them which lasts for centuries.

This game about the creation and destruction of universes will give you goosebumps. This game about the creation and destruction of universes will give you goosebumps. However, there are many heartwarming scenes filled with love, friendship, and belonging.


  • Choice-based adventure game
  • Countless celestial bodies
  • Join Trio of Guardians to save universes
  • Fight against the God of Destruction
  • Walk into the romantic routes
  • Interesting pop-up conversations
  • Special love moments

MOD Features

  • Ported to Android
  • Unlock premium features

Download Tales of Onyx MOD APK Latest Version For Android?

NameTales of Onyx
Size1.5 GB

Your responsibility is to save the world from doom by inspiring the remaining goodness and giving it a new life. Get ready to fulfill the dream of mining the precious planets. Downloading Tales of Onyx MOD APK may get you some premium features for free. However, we only recommend using the original version from a genuine source. You can check the below link to explore more such games.


Overall, Tales of Onyx is a great combination of action, adventure, dating, and fantasy elements. You can deep dive into the journey of countless celestial bodies saving the universe. To fight the inevitable destruction, you’ve got the love and support of all living beings.

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