The Secret of the House MOD APK Latest Version (Ch. 1-2)

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November 01, 2023
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The Secret of the House MOD APK is a role-playing game that revolves around a young boy, Fred. Due to an incident, he is alone in this world and facing a harsh reality. Luckily his father’s best friend Bertalan takes him to his home. However, initially, the family was not very happy with this decision.

The conversation in this game is quite interesting. The leading lady, Debra, doesn’t like Fred at all. She offers the boy a getaway room that was earlier allotted to their maid. Since they can no longer afford to hire a maid, the boy will stay here.

About The Secret of the House MOD APK

The Secret of the House APK perfectly depicts the twists and turns of uncertain destiny. With no money and no home, Fred is forced to live with the Bertalan family. The boy is a second-class student at the university. The family will bear the expenses of his education for about 4 years.

However, here Fred will not get the same treatment as at home. From now on, he should behave like an adult who completes the household chores himself. Bringing newspapers to the living room, throwing out garbage bags, and cleaning the house will be their primary tasks. Fortunately, he had learned all these things from his father.

Gameplay of The Secret of the House Latest Version

As time passes, the game becomes more attractive. The main lady Debra also assigns you some tasks in addition to your in-game tasks. These tasks include packing one’s belongings, asking for bedsheets, looking around the house, bringing newspapers, watering plants, etc.

You will also have to pick up the garbage from the floor and throw it out. Old granny is waiting for her sandwich, be ready to serve her. You can walk around the city and meet people. Collect items from locations and add them to your inventory.

Thanks to the Bertalan family, you can complete your studies without any financial problems. Go to your college and attend classes like a normal student. Build healthy relationships with your friends, neighbors and family. Let us see what path your destiny takes towards great success.

Download The Secret of the House MOD APK (Chapter 1-2)?

NameThe Secret of the Hous
VersionChapter 1-2
Size752.87 MB


  • Many digital platforms are offering The Secret of the House ported to the Android version. So, players may experience this novel-based RPG on Android devices as well.
  • The cartoon-like 2D graphics are eye-catching. The character can interact with pre-specified in-game objects as per the game directions.
  • The Secret of the House latest version has multiple characters with important roles. They all affect your in-game decisions to end up the game with some interesting results.
  • As the main character, you must complete the assigned tasks. This will include, cleaning the garbage from the floor, watering plants, taking care of the house, and more.

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