Taffy Tales MOD APK v0.95.7 Latest Version (Android Ported)

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November 02, 2023
359 MB
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Taffy Tales MOD APK mainly focuses on exploring other sides of the people living in the city. The classic game with mesmerizing graphics will take you to an immersive experience. As a passionate person, uncover all the secrets hidden within the walls of Taffy City. Talk to strangers, friends, family, teachers, and other characters.

About Taffy Tales MOD APK

The story revolves around an energetic boy, Peter. His room is warm, cozy, and filled with memories and various objects and things he has collected over the years. From his room, he had access to the sunroof, but it is closed due to some repairs being required. He lives with Mary and Tiffany like a family. Mary is a very kind person and has been raising children for many years.

She even started putting in more hours at her retail job to pay the mounting bills. You and Tiffany were trying to help him by working part-time jobs. But Mary asked both of you to concentrate on your studies for a better future. Taffy Tales MOD APK focuses on the challenges of a person’s daily life from various aspects.

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Taffy Tales APK v0.95.7 For Android

While playing the game you will have a map of Taffy City. From there, you can select the different locations you want to visit. Not every place is open to you in the beginning. However, the more you progress, the more you can see around the city. Also, keep an eye on the timing as some places open and close at certain times.

As for the main character Peter, there are some tasks visible in your notes. These tasks change as you continue exploring the game. As a young boy, you are studying at a university by the grace of Mary. You like to make new friends and spend some quality time with people close to you.


  • The game includes 100 scenes with interesting dialogues.
  • Interact with new characters Stacy, Clara, Violet, Sara, Mary, Tiffany, Danny, Becca, and more.
  • Play exciting mini-games.
  • Explore new locations and meet strangers.
  • Unlock all the gallery scenes
  • More in-game quests and challenges
  • Minor bugs have been fixed in the latest version

Download Taffy Tales MOD APK v0.95.7 (Latest Version)?

NameTaffy Tales
Size359 MB

Taffy Tales APK v0.95.7 latest version for Android is 359 MB in size. This RPG game is available on Android, Windows, Linux, and more operating systems. Downloading Taffy Tales MOD APK may offer you various features. But we recommend our readers download the original APK file from the official source.


Taffy Tales MOD APK all unlocked version lets players explore the Taffy town. Play as the main character and uncover the mysteries completing various tasks. Building friendly relations with other characters is a great way of experiencing this novel-based RPG.

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